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Microsoft Teams Usage Rockets

We have seen a significant increase in usage of Microsoft Teams since Lockdown V1.0. Every month, we review our usage analytics and identify areas across the college who are engaging effectively with teams. It also allows us to identify teachers that may need support.

Over a 30 day period, here are some top highlight figures.

In the last 30 days:

30,330 Meetings Organised

250,498 Chat Messages

12,861 1:1 Calls

31,577 Meetings Participated

17,501 Reply Messages

7,855,505 Audio Time

1,633,643 Screenshare Time

6,622,161 Video Time

17,501 Reply Messages

42,379 Channel Messages

6,051 Reactions

Our adoption of Microsoft Teams continues to grow daily and we are pleased to be using the most recent features such as breakout rooms which has contributed to improved usage.

Despite this, there continue to remain challenges and barriers - for example, students with limited or no access to computers or internet connections. We continue to work with these students and families to close the digital divide. Staff have lots of lessons to learn in developing new approaches to digital pedagogy, but we are really pleased with the transition staff and students across the group have made.

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