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Creating a Help Ticket System using SharePoint, PowerAutomate and Microsoft Forms

We have created a ticket system to better support staff who require training and support.

The Ticket System replaced three mailboxes that were being used to request help and support before the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as Lockdown 1.0 hit, we were getting over 100 requests a day. Managing the requests using a shared mailbox did not enable us to deal with issues efficiently and effectively. It also involved a lot of management.

We developed a helpdesk solution using SharePoint, PowerAutomate and Microsoft Forms.

When a new ticket is created using Microsoft Forms an entry is added to the ticket system. This is then assigned to the relevant staff member. Staff receive automated emails at every stage of the ticket journey until resolved.

The ticket system has improved response times and have enabled us to track issues more effectively. At the end of each term, we extract the ticket responses and import the commonly raised questions to our Knowledgebase.

The system has been so successful that we are going to develop a similar solution for students to use in 2021-22.

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