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Leveraging the use of Microsoft SharePoint as a Help Centre

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Quality and Innovation team has seen a significant increase in the number of requests from staff for digital skills training and support with using a wide range of applications such as Microsoft Teams.

We have created lots of of help guides, videos and training guides. There are also lots of useful resources available online, so we wanted to bring these all together in one central spot.

We developed a Quality Help Centre using SharePoint to provide staff with a one-stop-shop to access a wide range of help guides, information and resources. This includes signposting staff to resources such as the Microsoft Support Centre and the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) Enhance platform. Feedback from staff has been exceptionally positive.

Overall the QHC has improved staff well-being. Staff have lots of information and resources to hand. It means we can better serve staff with their support and training requests but it also enables us to maximise our resources.



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