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If you would like to contribute to the our blog, we would be delighted to learn more about your story. 


Welcome to our digital blog where we share insights, case studies and inspiring stories about our digital transformation journey. You will also find a range of resources that may be helpful and we are continuing to develop these. 

We are committed to using technologies which provide all students with fundamental digital skills to be successful in the future workplace. In a rapidly developing digital world, it is our responsibility to ensure that all stakeholders are equipped with the digital skills and confidence to be successful in the workplace. 

This blog is managed by the Quality & Innovation team with contributions from stakeholders across the group. We are committed to sharing best practice and hope you will enjoy the information you can find here. 

Launched: April 2021


Quality & Innovation Team

  • Jane Morrison - Assistant Principal (Quality & Innovation)

  • Susan Chipperfield - Head of Quality (Data & Higher Education) 

  • Mel Coleman - Head of Quality (TLA & CPD)

  • Daniel Smithson - Head of LRC's and e-Learning

  • Steve Lynch - Quality Systems Manager

  • Deborah James - HE Quality Improvement Manager 

  • Katie Green - Quality Systems Administrator 

  • Sue Lowe - Quality Systems Administrator

TLC Coaches

  • Bernadette Pearce - TLC Coach

  • Andrew Meadowcroft - TLC Coach

  • Jamie Giarraputo - TLC Coach

Learning Centres

  • Alan Green - LRC Coordinator (Kingston College) 

  • Belay Desta - LRC Coordinator (South Thames College)

  • Mark Tonkiss - LRC Coordinator (Carshalton)

  • Vanessa Varela da Silva - LRC Coordinator (Merton College) 

  • Karen Lawer - Resources & Content Advisor

  • Julian Briscoe - Information and E-Learning Assistant (Graduate Trainee) 

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