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Copy of #STCGTalks - Series 2, Episode 4!

In this episode of STCG Talks we discuss 'My TLA Coach', the second of our two featured projects. We discuss how the initial application bid began, to winning the bid, right up to where we are now in the project development stages. Enjoy!

*All of our podcasts are currently recorded remotely via an online podcasting platform

Listen to the Podcast here:


Here is a list of all #STCGTalks from series one:

#STCGTalks! Episode 1: We are delighted to launch our new Podcast series with the CEO

#STCGTalks! Episode 2: Leading a Team through a Pandemic: Digital Emotional Intelligence

#STCGTalks! Episode 3: Adapting and Collaborating with Sue Barry from The NKC Group

#STCGTalks! Episode 4 : Integrity Coaching & Training

#STCGTalks! Episode 5: Top 5 Online Learning Tools

#STCGTalks! Episode 6: Business Development at South Thames Colleges Group

#STCGTalks! Episode 7: Guest Sarah Simons, Founder of #UKFEChat

#STCGTalks! Episode 8: Guest Ben Haddock speaks about his role as Emerging Technologies Demonstrator

#STCGTalks! Episode 9: Karen Lawer, LRC Resources Advisor talks about the growth of online content!

If you wish to be a guest contributor, please email Jamie Giarraputo.

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About #STCGTalks

It's always good to talk! We have created a new podcast series called 'STCG Talks' to bring you insights, news, reviews and interviews for all things education. We will be publishing a new podcast regularly on a range of topics in the FE sector and how digital innovation and transformation are becoming part of the everyday.


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