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STCGTalks! Episode 3: Adapting and Collaborating with Special Guest Sue Barry from The NKC Group

In this episode, we were delighted to be joined by Sue Barry, Teaching and Learning Improvement Partner at the North Kent College Group who talks about how the college have had to adapt and the importance of collaborating. Sue tells us about how she organised the colleges collaborate event and stresses the importance of 'taking risks'.

We really enjoyed hearing the perspective of another college. We all face similar challenges so sharing good practice has never been more important.

Listen to the Podcast. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we have!


NEXT EPISODE: Our guest speaker is Julie Sinclair from Integrity Coaching & Training. Julie will share with us how she has been an independent education consultancy and training business during the pandemic.


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It's always good to talk! We have created a new podcast series called 'STCG Talks' to bring you insights, news, reviews and interviews for all things education. We will be publishing a new podcast regularly on a range of topics in the FE sector and how digital innovation and transformation are becoming part of the everyday.

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