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STCG Staff achieve their Microsoft Innovative Educator certificates from Microsoft

In February 2021, we asked all staff to spend some time during our CPD day to complete a range of modules on the Microsoft Educator Centre and start the journey to becoming a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MEC).

For decades, online learning has existed as an evolving presence in primary, secondary, and higher education by millions of students.

This resource collection is a guide to the professional development experiences that will help a new remote learning educator or program get up and running successfully. 

Jane Morrison, Assistant Principal (Quality & Innovation) of South Thames Colleges said;

"I really enjoyed learning about the capabilities of the Microsoft software and we are excited about our journey ahead with Microsoft 365. It is critical that we correctly prepare students for the future workplace and it is our responsibility as leaders and educators to keep up to date. I found the modules easy to work through and I learnt a lot!"

As a Microsoft 365 college, we are keen to ensure staff understand the capabilities of the technologies available at their fingertips!

Well done to all staff who have achieved the award.

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