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Let's Get Quizzical!

There are a wide range of online tools you can use to create quizzes. This includes quizzes which mark themselves! All of these quizzes can be used on; computer, tablets and increasingly more on mobile phones! Here is a countdown of our top 5 online quiz tools.


5) In at number 5, an online quiz tool that has been around for a while but is still used across the education sector today! That tool is 'Socrative'! Socrative is a quiz-based, formative assessment tool with multiple features that can enhance teaching and learning. Teachers can design quizzes, space races, exit tickets, and more to collect and analyse student data in real-time which helps make on the spot decisions on areas that need work and areas that students are excelling in. It has slick usability and aesthetically more 'formal' in appearance, making it perfect for use all the way up to HE. Our rating a fabulous 3 / 5 - Free version available


4) The aim is in the name! Quizlet prides itself on being a tried and tested online quiz tool. Quizlet is a web-based application developed to help students study information through interactive tools and games. On appearance, Quizlet looks fun! The simple infographics and layout makes it a great site to use and navigate. The browse function allows you to find readymade Quizlet's that can be launched live in lesson and cover a wide range of UK based curriculum. With a little bit more trialling at our college sites, this could be a contender for the number 1 spot! Our rating, an awesome 3.5 / 5 - Free version available.


3) The likelihood is, that you've heard of Kahoot! You may not have used it, or even know what it actually is, but it's steady rise to popularity has made it a firm favourite for a formative assessment quiz tools. Just like the other quiz tools mentioned, Kahoot is a strong contender as one of the most respected and widely used online quiz tools, which has paved the way for the general acceptance of the use of mobile phones in the classroom. With it's smooth integration into platforms like Microsoft Teams, it is a great quiz tool for remote , F2F and hybrid learning. "So why isn't this number 1, Jamie?" I hear you say. Well, I'll tell you! Despite Kahoot! having a free option, it has started to lack the wide range of free available quizzes, particularly for FE and HE learners. The browse function, although a great feature, is limited and takes some navigating to get what you want! That said, students do love Kahoot! and due to it's popularity, they understand how it works and are familiar with the mobile app. Our rating is a super cool 3.9 /5 Free version available.


2) Well here it is again, Nearpod! You may know by now that Nearpod is currently one of my favourite, if not my favourite online learning tool. It has everything you need to create an awesome, fully interactive and engaging lesson. A teacher can create interactive presentations that can contain Quizzes, Polls, Videos, Collaborate Boards, and more. If we're rating an 'all rounder' for an online learning tool that can be used in class, remotely or at the students own pace, then Nearpod wins hands down...BUT! This is the top 5 online quiz tool and although Nearpod has a wide range of quiz functions, our number 1 pips it to the post! Our rating is an excellent 4 / 5 Free version available.


1) The champion. The winner. First place and a bottle of champagne goes to QUIZIZZ! This formative online quiz tool has been going down a storm across the college group. As well as giving you the ability to create Quizizz from scratch, Quizizz also allows you to search thousands upon thousands of ready made Quizizz, which you can either edit and adjust, or teleport in questions from other Quizizz, to make one super quiz! It's simple layout and appealing gaming format, ensures that students are hooked immediately. For teachers, Quizizz does it all! It generates reports on areas that need improvement right down to the individual learner. You can create collections, share with colleagues and LOADS MORE, You can launch Quizizz 'live' or set it as homework. I could go on, but for now, why not try it out? Our rating is an astronomical 5 / 5 Free version available.


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