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Using Playstation and Xbox to connect with students on Microsoft Teams

If you’re in a household without enough laptops to go around, there is one potential workaround.

Did you know? Students can connect to Microsoft Teams using their PlayStation or Xbox.

We know that there are a significant proportion of learners across the UK who do not have their own laptop or computer to work from. They may have a smart phone but the data, type and storage are sometimes not sufficient.

Many young people do have an Xbox or PlayStation. We've discovered that many students are connecting to lessons using Microsoft Teams directly from their games console!


Both consoles are simple. For the Xbox, press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide, and then select “My games & apps”. Here, you need to find Microsoft’s internet browser Microsoft Edge.

The PS4’s access is similar. From the PS4 home screen, scroll to the library. Then, click on applications. If you scroll down the apps you’ll see a “www” sign circled by small dots. Click on that, and you're online.

Both consoles can use a low-cost keyboard and mouse for web browsing – connect these through wireless bluetooth or USB.


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