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Understanding Mirrored Learning

Mirrored learning is most likely to occur when some learners are having to self-isolate due to Covid-19 (but feel well) whilst other learners are still attending lessons in person.

However, it can have other applications for example, if some learners are unable to attend college due to rail strikes or cancellations, or learners that physically cannot attend but are well enough to learn (e.g., broken limb, recovery from surgery).

Mirrored learning requires detailed planning and thought into the activities to ensure that learners are engaged in the lesson and feel supported. Community and collaborative learning are very important for this type of lesson to help the students in the various locations work together and feel part of the same group.

We have produced a guide and some top tips that you may find helpful.

Mirrored Learning
Download PDF • 134KB
Top Tips for Mirrored Learning
Download PDF • 96KB



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